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code quest is small by size, but big by ideas. We love our job and develop soulful products that are a pleasure to use, distinctive, and reliable.

Development of quality web and mobile applications is our mission, at the same time strong background in machine learning algorithms is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

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Playing the Planning Poker. Is it worth it?

People suck at estimating things, especially when it comes to the time required to complete a task. And developers, who are people, in case you forgot, suck at estimating the time required to code a feature or the feature’s difficulty. We must be born optimists as we usually underestimate and very rarely overestimate, and we are so bad at estimating that in 1979 a new term was coined by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky to describe this phenomenon. We all fall victims to the infamous Planning Fallacy.

How to report bugs?

So your dev team have created this new app for your client. You are very proud of it and want to show it the entire world. But before you tell the client the good news you have to test the app to find the bugs and have your team fix them. Finding bugs is relatively easy, you just use the app with every possible scenario and check whether it works as it is supposed to be working. What you are really interested in are the misbehaviors of the app, the failures, the crashes, and so on. The things that were not planned for the app. And certainly you find them, but what next? How to show them to the team? How to tell them what and when went wrong?

A new gem for Contentful

Our team was approached by Contentful and asked to develop a Ruby Gem for working with the Content Management API for them. We took up the challenge and soon after Tomek W. “Warkocz” and Piotr sat down with the Contentful team and defined the needs and requirements drafting up a plan for development.