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code quest is small by size, but big by ideas. We love our job and develop soulful products that are a pleasure to use, distinctive, and reliable.

Development of quality web and mobile applications is our mission, at the same time strong background in machine learning algorithms is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

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How to brief a software agency

A part of being in the software development service is estimating the cost and time of a project. Every day we are approached by entrepreneurs with great ideas for new products asking us for a quote. And although we work on Time and Material basis, we understand the client's need to see the whole figure, even if it is very rough.

Communication tools that make remote work efficient

With clients and teams spread all over the world we need good communication tools to always be on the same plane with everybody. Whether a web app or a mobile app, they have to be reliable, fast, and work well. Here is a selection of the tools we tested and use for our day-to-day communication both with our teams, as well as our foreign clients.

The power of code review

Code review is a powerful tool if used properly. It ensures the quality of the code written by the team, and of the product this code makes up. It should be done on a regular basis, but there are some things to remember so it does not halt your project. Based on our past experiences we have worked out our own code review routines which work fine and keep us and our clients happy.