We turn ideas into awesome products

We are a collective of doers, engineers, dreamers and creatives who partner with entrepreneurs to take products from zero to one.

  • Adam MańkowskiChief Operations Officer
  • Tomasz KorzeniowskiFounder & CEO
  • Izabela Korzeniowska
  • Przemysław BielińskiSoftware Engineer
  • Marta ŁakomskaDesigner & Artist
  • Adam JeziorskiProduct Owner
  • Hanna DutkiewiczSoftware Engineer
  • Bartłomiej SkwiraSoftware Engineer
  • Rafał PietraszkoSoftware Engineer
  • Piotr ProtasSoftware Engineer
  • Mateusz MęcinaSoftware Engineer
  • Krzysztof KowalikSoftware Engineer
  • Patryk TyszkaSoftware Engineer
  • Jerzy ŚwiniarskiSoftware Engineer
  • Mateusz BrzostowskiSoftware Engineer
  • Piotr MajewskiSoftware Engineer
  • Maciej KoziełSoftware Engineer
  • Izabela KrzemińskaChief Happiness Officer
  • Mateusz SawkaSoftware Engineer
  • Małgorzata DziubichSoftware Engineer
  • Piotr StępińskiHead of Sales
  • Michał KarwańskiChief Technology Officer

Proud to create

Over the years, we have gathered experience to deliver ambitious software products. We are proud to work on our very own automated code review tool for web and mobile apps, that combines static code analysis with machine learning to help developers write code that is robust, secure and easier to maintain.

Experts at your service

codequest is all you need for your startup venture - from impeccable code, user friendly design to effective marketing and product consultancy.

Web Development

Sure, we may be masters of Ruby, JavaScript and Swift. Stay assured though, our group of polyglot engineers always aim at developing software using the best tools for the job, whatever the language.

Mobile Development

With so many mobile apps being released to the market, it is extremely important to launch solid, intuitive and beautiful products. Our speciality is native development for iOS in Swift and we have the portfolio to prove it.

UX & UI Design

Design-driven creativity runs in our veins. The best kind, for which we use Design Sprints to create users' flow, wireframes, interactive mockups and brand identity.

Machine Learning

It’s what makes us tick. We ❤️️ Machine Learning and have hands-on experience creating applications using both Artificial Intelligence 🤖 and Machine Learning methods.

Big Data

With vast experience in concurrent computing and searching for valuable insights, we’re the go-to team when it comes to big data solutions and projects that require processing of a large amount of data.

Development Operations

Once the application is built, it has to be maintained and easily scalable. We employ AWS certified engineers and can help you out with Docker and Kubernetes.

Let’s make a difference. Together 🎉

Are you looking for a partner who will help turn your ideas into an awesome product with clean code and a scalable system? Look no more! We love working with entrepreneurs that aim to make a difference.

  • Foundersuite

    A phrase that probably best characterizes Foundersuite is its slogan. ‘Tools to get startup sh*t done’. Dealing with big and challenging tasks is our favorite. Nathan contacted us and we decided to go for it and deliver an easy-to-use and engaging web app that would help people work more efficiently. Codequest built a large web application on Ruby on Rails that combined an idea validation system, investor CRM, progress tracker, and template bundles with checklists.


    • Branding
    • UI/UX Design
    • Web Development
  • Soothe

    Soothe is the world’s largest massage service, enabling therapists to find work more easily and offer their services to homes, offices or hotels. They contacted us in 2015 because they wanted to boost their development speed, and we helped them do just that. The cooperation still continues and we have collaborated with Soothe on backend, frontend, design and the iOS application itself.


    • Web Development
    • iOS Development
    Customer Ratings
    • 4k active daily users
    • 1k downloads a day
  • Soal

    Nate, contacted codequest in his search for a team who could make his dream come true. He wanted an app that could offer sentimental iPhone users a new way to record the story of their lives. Moreover, he wanted an app that would allow users’ voice recordings and messages to be saved and shared for the future use within their families and friends. Together we created a beautiful app for the people to store and share their voice memories in.


    • Web Development
    • iOS Development
  • Selecthub

    Hernando and Josh came over to our office to ask us what it takes to create a marketplace and platform that will make evaluating the quality of software enterprise simple. Our experience in Ruby on Rails and development of scalable web services gave rise to a thriving business relationship and a unique platform that helps people from various industries interact with each other to save money and time.


    • Branding
    • UI/UX Design
    • Web Development
  • Kredytmarket

    The team from KredytMarket had an idea to make small business loans easy and hassle-free. They wanted to create an algorithm that would estimate the loan risk based on data that is available online, without the problematic paperwork of taking a loan involved. They came to us with an idea that we turned into a working app. It was one of our most challenging projects, but challenging projects are what we like the most!


    • Web Development
    • 1 mln loans granted in the first year
  • Eqipia

    Eqipia is a new recruitment tool for HR departments. It is based on voluntary participation of company employees and uses their network and contacts to find potential new employees. Codequest created the whole app from scratch and continued to support and maintain it.


    • UI/UX Design
    • Web Development

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  • Dawanda

    Dawanda is the place to find unique handmade products from designers from all over Europe. This German company approached us with an idea to create a DIY section with all types of inspirations and instructions for creative people. The work started with a great workshop and afterward we created a CMS that allows content creators to transform their ideas into great looking tutorials. Currently they have thousands of DIY articles online.


    • Web Development